U R from K-Town When

You know you're from Kenosha if...

...your last name is Paielli, Ruffolo, or some other name ending in a vowel.

...you were the coolest kid in elementary school because

you had a stingray bike.

...you know that rush hour begins at 3:30pm, not 5 or 6.

...you can walk into any store and you recognize
atleast 5 people within 5 minutes.

...the last 5 generations of your family are from Kenosha.

...your family is Italian, is related to Italians, or owes money to Italians.

...you know what a "bubbler" is, and you make fun of people from Milwaukee for saying it.

...you've seen the Food Network special on Frank's everytime
that it has aired.

...you remember when George Bush came to town, and the
entire city shut down.

...you've been pulled over for something extremely stupid.
...you joke about wearing a bullet-proof vest if you're going
to Milwaukee, Racine, or Waukegan.

...you know what "F.I.B." means.

...a Packers-Bears game splits your family down the middle.

...you've always rooted for the Bulls because the Bucks
have never been very good.

...you watch the Milwaukee news at 5 and the Chicago news at 6.

...at least 2 of your family members have worked at Chrysler/AMC.

...you don't even think twice about the drive-thru liquor
store that you just passed.

...you're shocked when you visit other places, and you find out that there are more cable companies than just Time Warner.

...you know every road around I-94 because your grandma is too afraid to drive on the highway.

....you're not Italian, but you joke that you're one twelfth Italian by association.
...you've spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how they connected Simmons Island to the mainland.

...you're shocked to realize nobody else in the state knows the
Empire Carpet jingle.

...you actually recognize the names of places in "That 70's Show".

...you know that the Bong Recreation Area sign is one of the top-10 most stolen signs in America.

...you hate it when people drive down by the lighthouse for 10 seconds and leave, but you do it too.

...you never understood why we have a 1 1/2 mile trolley system that goes absolutely no where.
...you've taken part in more than one illegal activity at Pets.

...if you know someone you never hang out with its because you used to play football or baseball together when you were 9.

...you've experienced 90 degrees and humid at 52th ST & 22nd AV and 65 degrees and chilly at 52nd ST & 6th AV in the 3 minutes it took you to drive the distance.

...beyond I94 is considered the western frontier and you rarely travel past it unless you are going to the Brat Stop on Saturday.
...you don’t understand why there are 75 elementary schools (most of which you've never heard of) and only four high Schools.

...life after Bradford, Tremper or it usually means Milwaukee,
Whitewater or Madison.
...big star is better than spot, or spot is better than big star. which side are you on?
...you're still waiting for that casino to be built because the dog track sucks and no one goes there anyway.

...you're grandparents remember when the house your friend lives in was still farmland, and so do you.
...crossing over 75th ST is like crossing enemy lines. "you're in bradford/tremper territory now boy. (insert redneck accent here)"

...you’re not crazy for the brand new trendy food place (Starbucks / Coldstone / Panera / Chipotle / Qdoba / Jimmy Johns, etc.)...about 5 years after the rest of the country did.
  You know you are becoming an OLD Kenoshan when...
(from the Class of 1969)
... you hung out at the T&C Lounge.
... your dad bought your new Schwinn at Don Gill.
... you bought your meat from a butcher at Hrupka's and they delivered it to your house!
... you walked to Lincoln Food for groceries and put it on the family tab (Southside).
... you walked to City Food and did the same thing (Northside).
... you remember the Home Juice man and the
orange and papaya juice that he delivered.
... you remember leaving the empty milk bottles out for the milkman and woke up to find milk, butter, and eggs in your silver box.
... you ate hamburgers at George Webb.
... you went downtown to sit around and have a malt at Dutch Maid
(owned by Pete Ritacca family).
... you went downtown to go to the .25 movies at the Orpheum.
... you went downtown to Hoffmann's Records, put on set of headphones, and listened to your favorite 45 RPM.
... you went downtown to Torcaso's but never had a shoe repaired. You just sat in the shoe shine chairs and talked.
... you went downtown to The Hole (only pool players will know).
... you went downtown on Friday night and scooped the loop.
... you went ice skating at Lincoln Park, Washington Bowl, or Petzke Park.
... you never missed the Tuesday night bike races at The Bowl- It was THE place to hang out in the summer.
... you worked at or knew someone who worked at
... you worked at or knew someone who worked at MacWhyte.
... you knew someone who built the best fire engines in the world at Peter Pirsch.
... you remember the Horsey Swings at Petzke Park.
... you used chalk to draw the strike zone on a school wall and played fast pitch until dark.
... you had a phosphate at Park Drug for a nickel.
... you played nine holes at Muni for 35 cents.
... you bought gas at Owen's (Sheridan Rd. and 55th ST)
for .26 a gallon.
... you went "out of town" to Mars Cheese Castle!
... you went "out of town" to the Brat Stop!!!!!
... you went on a day trip out of town to Silver Lake.
... you went to the Northside outdoor (Mid-City) or the Southside outdoor (Keno). Either one was almost to Racine or Illinois! It wasn't a "drive-in", it was the outdoor.
... you learned how to sneak in these outdoors in the
trunk of a car.
... you kept driving back and forth thru the water that ran over the street at Pet's just to hear the noise.
... you wondered if bums hung out at night in the picnic buildings at Pet's.
... you got gum in your pack of baseball cards and you ate it no matter how hard or distasteful it was.
... you know about Avenue Dairy Store (Johnnies).
... you bought Bazooka for a penny, Snaps for 2 cents, Indian Brand Pumpkin Seeds and a Black Cow for a nickel
... you went to an all-you-can-eat Perch fish fry at
Kelly's Tavern.
...you realize that you were born in a hospital that no
longer exists!
. . . you remember the AMC overhead on 52nd Street.
. . . you remember when Michael’s bar on 52nd ST would line up scooners of beers and shots for the AMC worker’s coming in for the lunch breaks!

This is from Pipper Meyer Class of '75!    (Thanks, Pipper!)