Emails Bounced


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Bounceback Reasons

Emails can bounce for a variety of reasons. By viewing the bounce message you can usually determine if the bounce happened because an email address has gone bad, or if a temporary issue is happening and an email address is still valid.

If you see bounce messages such as "Failed address", "No such user", or "Mailbox not found" you can assume that the member's email address is no longer valid and you need to obtain an updated address. If you see messages such as "User over quota" or "Could not contact email server" most likely the email address is still valid and the member or member's email provider is experiencing a temporary issue. Based on the reason for the bounceback you can usually make a determination if you need to update an email address or attempt sending your email to the user again at a later time.

Gary Penza 07/18/14  
David Durden 07/18/14  
Sheila Nichols (Redlin) 07/18/14  
Nancy Gordon (Werner) 07/18/14  
Ronald Freeman 07/18/14  
Gail Kober (Hansen) 07/18/14  
Lynn Johnson (Westlund) 07/18/14  
Deborah Northway (Swan) 07/03/14  
Dan Dosemagen 06/12/14  
Bob Laughlin 06/02/14  
Jeff Bondadio 06/02/14  
Debra Schultz (Bloxham)