1969 Class Donation

 Dear Fellow Classmates

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Our class website was renewed 06/23/2010.

The first year (06/23/2009 to 06/23/2010) the Bradford Alumni covered the majority of the cost and I donated the remainder.  I have enlisted another classmate to work with me on our website for the next five years.  We both will donate our time to keep the maintained properly.  There has been positive feedback so far, classmates reconnecting and reading friends personal profiles. 

To keep our domain name for the next fives years the cost will be $85 and the class website cost would be $349 for a total of $434, this does not include any cost increases over the next five years.  We will have to ask for donations from our registered classmates.  The cost to each of the registered participants would equate to $3.10  so to keep in mind any increase over the next five years we are requesting that every classmate send a $5.00 check.   Anyone new requesting to be approved to join will have the same cost.

Make your check out to:   KBHS 1969 Class

Mail to:  Joyce Sorensen, 5634 46th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53144

Please make the notation "1969 Class" in the lower left corner.

Thank you.  Any question, please email me at:    sorniejoyce@yahoo.com

Joyce Kopacz Sorensen